Will writing service
Mortgage Promotions offers its members a ‘Wills writing service’ because everyone who takes out a mortgage should write a Will. The problem is - how many of your customers do write one? Probably not many!

Our solution, organised through Goldsmith Williams, provides your client with a cost-effective solution and a profitable income stream for you. You receive a £50 commission payment from Mortgage Promotions on final execution of the will.

The charges are extremely competitive. The cost of a single will is £175.50 and a double will is £234.25 (these rates include VAT and an £8 office copies charge)

The necessary introduction documents can be downloaded from this page.

Now might be the right time to consider a mailing to your whole client bank regarding this new facility.

If you have any questions please contact the Goldsmith Williams marketing team on 0151 231 1292 and mentions you are a Mortgage Promotions member.