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Trigold available at discounted rates for Mortgage Promotion members

'Prospector' AAA forms the core of the Trigold propositioin, offering quick and easy access to market-wide sourcing,electronic applications, insurance modules ,AIP's pre-populated FSA compliance documentation including accurate KFI's.

All this for just 20 per month plus VAT.

Compliance Shield - monitoring and auditing

'With the FSA's regulation just around the corner, wouldn't it be easier if the documents you produced using your mortgage sourcing system were automatically date and time stamped when you produced them as proof that you followed the correct procedure? Wouldn't it be easier if documents were stored electronically without having to lose office space and delve though reams of files for the monitoring and auditing you will be required to make?

Compliance Shield is integrated with the Prospector Plus mortgage sourcing software. Whenever you print or email documents as part of your sales process, they are saved off-line and then automatically transferred to a secure online warehouse when you next perform a product update. Because it's an automated solution it makes the process quicker and easier.

Compliance Shield costs 10 per month plus VAT.

To order your software please download and complete the relevant order forms.


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