About RPS

RPS provides an ethical solution to the age-old problem of borrowers facing eviction. Sometimes, borrowers don’t qualify for support from the government reach the end of the road with their lender and, consequently, have few options – until now.

RPS’ Home Rescue and Buyback service has been designed from the ground up with the needs of financially distressed borrowers at its core.

Here’s what RPS offers:

  1. Clients can buy-back their property at any time during the tenancy agreement and share in any increase in market value
  2. Clients are never pressurised into making a decision and can change their mind at any time before the sale of their property, at no cost

Sale and rent back will not be right for everyone, but it does provide a valid solution for homeowners facing eviction, who have exhausted every other option.

RPS offers the first truly ethical sale and rent back scheme, which is available throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

How to register & refer business to RPS

Registering and referring business to RPS is very easy:

On receipt of the DIP form information we will contact your client, undertake a pre-purchase assessment and let you know if their case has been accepted. If you have any queries about the application process, or if you would like any further information, phone us on 0800 612 7525 and we’ll be happy to help.

How much you will be paid

 If you are an ‘introducer only’ (i.e. don’t have any special permissions from the FSA to undertake SRB business) we will pay you an Introduction fee of 0.4% of the agreed purchase price on each completed transaction, when you introduce a client to us.

If you have been granted a ‘variation of permission’ by the FSA to undertake SRB business, we will also pay you a Fulfilment fee of 0.9% of the agreed purchase price on each completed transaction, if you undertake the complete fulfilment process on a sale and rent back application.

This involves assessing a client’s suitability for the scheme, checking their ability to maintain future rental payments, helping them complete an application form and submitting a completed application pack to us.