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Synaptic Protection Research

A new version of the market leading Synaptic research tool is now available to mortgage intermediaries, offering instant access to the protection market.

Industry changes are altering the provision of mortgage advice more than ever, driven by greater regulatory and commercial pressures. There is an ever growing need for advisers to develop additional revenue around mortgage contracts. Customers are expecting a broader offer and increased levels of service.

Key benefits for mortgage intermediaries using Protection Research:

Increase profitability

Enhance compliance - Treating the customer fairly and minimizing business risk

Build customer loyalty

Never has there been a greater opportunity for mortgage intermediaries to demonstrate their expertise, offer greater choice to their clients, and embrace professionalism with their business.
Synaptic Protection Research offers a unique package which supports the mortgage intermediary.

If you would like further information please contact Capita Financial Software on Tel: 01279 75 60 60 (Option 2)

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