Barclays European Mortgages

People look to overseas property for different reasons, some want to move permanently, others view it as pure investment, while to the majority it represents the perfect mix between business and pleasure – a holiday home with good potential for capital growth and rental income.  Whatever the reasons, Barclays can help you provide both UK and overseas financial options so that your clients can make the decision that is right for them.

Barclays offers Euro mortgages and local current accounts in Spain, France, Portugal & Italy.  All of our Euro mortgages are secured against the overseas property and processed in these countries.  

Our European mortgage service gives you:

* proc fees are transferred from Europe into a UK account and will be subject to exchange rate fluctuations

For more information please visit our website to obtain details on products, policies and application process: or contact Sue Spinks on 07824527936 (

To quality for the mortgage promotions procuration fees you must print and forward the broker submission sheet with the mortgage application form.